Our recent visit…

When Montgomeryshire Labour Party members met Mike Clare, MD of Permanent Recruitment Solutions back in December, we all agreed that the best way to get a good work / life balance is to be able to work near your home. No-one needs the added stress of a long commute to work, and employers have much more stability within their workforce if people are happy and local. It is also important for the Montgomeryshire economy that successful businesses based here employ local people, putting the money they earn into the local economy. PRS also play an important role ensuring young people don’t have to leave Montgomeryshire. Finding the local jobs that young people need, helps to ensure a vibrant community with shops, pubs, sports clubs and churches all benefitting, all part of the Montgomeryshire circular economy.

“PRS are a real local success story,” said Ian Parry the Secretary of Welshpool Labour. “They work hard to get people trained and recruited into local jobs, helping both the people of Montgomeryshire and local employers.”

At the meeting Mike outlined the sectors of the local economy that PRS work in and how they get people through their training and into permanent work. He also talked about involvement in the local community and the company’s sponsorship of the local darts league and children’s football. “We are part of the community, and we want to see people here thrive both at work and at play.” Said Mike. “It’s always good to give something back.”

Dave Aspinall from Newtown Labour recognised the key role that sport plays in building confidence and team skills which also help in the workplace. “I really enjoyed the visit, and we will be in touch to see how we can support Mike and PRS in the future”, said Dave.