“Recruitment agencies are all the same” and other common misconceptions!


It’s extremely important to us that we are delivering the best service possible. Last week, we did a survey on our social media accounts to find out a little more about what the general public really think about recruitment agencies!

So we thought we’d clear up some common misconceptions about what we do – here are some of the results!

  • “You take a cut from everyone’s wages” – Nope! This is just not true, plain and simple! The wages that we offer you, is what you earn at the end of the week! (Other than tax and National Insurance, but come on, this is out of our hands!)
  • “You spend all day cold calling people!” – Again, I’m afraid not! If you have received a call from us, it will be for one of a few reasons. Either you have applied for one of our jobs, you have contacted us first, or you have put your CV and details onto a job search site – that’s it! We don’t have a bank of phone numbers; we haven’t hacked into anything, and we haven’t paid for your information either!
  • “You only recruit for badly paid jobs” – Wrong! Yes, some of our positions do sit at the national minimum wage, but these more likely than not will come with a shift allowance! This means that the basic rate is at minimum, but you will earn a certain percentage over that depending on your shift pattern! Aside from that, most of our positions sit over minimum wage, some considerably more! (Take a look! https://permanent-recruitment-solutions.co.uk/vacancies/)
  • “You only recruit for factories” – Sorry, wrong again! We do have regular vacancies for factories, but this can only be a positive thing! These tend to be very well-paid jobs, with flexible hours and days that suit a wide range of people! But if you follow us regularly, you will see that a large majority of our vacancies are not within factories. We cater for a huge range of people with varying skill sets – some specialist, some not! It’s a win win really!
  • “All the positions are short term and there is no job security” – This is not the case either. For us, we don’t see the point on taking on only short-term clients. We are called Permanent Recruitment Solutions for a reason – We want to ensure that we are securing permanent employment for our staff! No one wants a job that they aren’t sure is going to be there within a few weeks’ time, do they? You need to know that your bills will be paid, right? We can guarantee that if you are working hard, and showing up to work, you will be given the opportunity to become a permanent fixture within that company! Now this doesn’t mean breaking your back doing all the overtime hours on the planet, just simply showing up with a good work ethic, having good attendance and being punctual and reliable, just like any job would expect!
  • “You only employ people who don’t want to work” – As if?! Of course, like in any employment, there will be people who don’t put in the same amount of effort as you – but on the other side, we have had some amazing employees who have worked incredibly hard and have been rewarded accordingly! These are people who have always been hard working and reliable!
  • “Biggest time wasters ever!” – Now, this seems to be a popular one from people who have come from other agencies. That they have gone to the effort to register their information, fill in all the details, to never be contacted again and nothing to come of it! In all honesty, why would we put in the effort to waste your time? No one will gain from that will they? If we put you forward for a position, it’s because we really think you have the credentials to succeed! And on the off chance that you aren’t successful, we will always put in our best effort to place you in another position that is suitable for your needs!

This is only a small example of what we get told on a regular basis, and it’s such a huge eye opener! We have been very successful in finding permanent employment for hundreds of people over the time we have been in business, and we look forward to helping hundreds more!

If you’re looking for work, give us a call on 01938 501 445 or email us at recruitment@prs.careers.