What are the benefits of employing temp staff within your workforce?

Do you work in a sector with an everchanging workload? Have you been struggling to find the right candidate? Are you a new company looking for some experienced help recruiting staff? Do you want save money by employing us to do your recruitment instead of paying a full-time member of staff? Or do you just generally not have the time to spend recruiting?


These are just some of the reasons we can help, along with many more – and all of these reasons are valid!


There are a lot of reasons that businesses come though our agency to find staff and here are some of the benefits of doing just that! It’s important to remember employ staff in all sectors whether it be industrial, administration, marketing, manufacturing as just some examples. We cater for every business whether it be temp staff or straight to permanent – you decide what works for you!


Save both money and time

As I mentioned above, saving money is one of the reasons we have some of our clients! There is a stigma around that working with a recruitment agency is expensive, but this isn’t strictly true! If you are constantly needing to recruit new staff because your workload peaks over night or you have large amount of staff wanting annual leaving during summer, then it can be beneficial to pay us as a recruitment company rather than having a designated member of staff to do just that, that will highly likely cost more than double what we charge each month!

It’s not as simple as just putting a job ad out and expecting people to just role in. you have to go through hundreds of CV’s, make and respond to countless phone calls, conduct interviews, gather documents, process compliance checks etc. That’s without the cost of advertising! This alone makes it a much more complicated process that what people first consider, so doing this on top of your already busy workload? It’s just not always a viable option!

Also, as it says above, if your business has ebbs and flows in the workload, hiring temps can keeps your costs down as you can reduce and increase staff based entirely on your workload and your business needs!


Try before you buy

The opportunity of ‘try before you buy’ isn’t something you will come by if you are hiring with immediate permanent contracts. Don’t get me wrong, we will only send temps who we have strictly interviewed, screened, and put through our entire process. But it’s good to have the option to see how someone works, whether they fit within your existing team, how well they work, what their drive and ambition is and how they demonstrate their capabilities. If they don’t fit all of the above, we can send you new candidates at no extra costs! We work on a no hire, no fee basis!


More flexibility

Again, as with above, employing temps to suit your workload gives you a lot of flexibility. You can increase and decrease your work force as necessary, and you can do it at much shorter notice through us that you could do yourselves. Remember, we have a bank of candidates often ready to work and ready to jump in where needed. We handle the entire process, so you have exactly what you need – hard workers with willingness to succeed within your business. It’s a win win all round really because when you no longer need the extra hands, we have can place these people elsewhere and everyone is happy!


We have more information on our processes here on our Employers page:


Alternatively, If you feel as though we would work for you, give us a call on 01938 501 445 and we can answer all of your questions and see how we can accommodate you!