The benefits of using social media within your recruitment company

Evidentially, social media is used for everything these days! There is little escape from one platform or another, but this isn’t necessarily a negative thing! For us, social media is a vital part of our business! Being able to advertise jobs, chat to potential candidates, reach out to local businesses and connect with the local community is a great asset to us!

Social media to us, seems one of the strongest recruitment tools because it puts a face behind the job! We can show case that we are real people, with real positions, trying to help people within our community!
In general, the use of social media for recruiters has rocketed in recent years and here are some of the reasons why!

So, we are all aware of the ‘normal’ ways of finding new positions, whether it be job sites, newspaper articles, local adverts and taking your CV into potential business, but how many of you have thought to turn to social media for a job? By advertising on pages such as Facebook and Instagram, we are able to reach a wider range of people, including those who may not realise they are looking for a career change! We can grab people’s attention when you would least expect it – this includes those people who aren’t searching the regular job sites! These platforms can also be a great resource in keeping in touch with your candidates directly. We have found that our recruitment team can get a wider area reach with the positions as you get to chose where they are posted and distributed.

Cost is a big aspect of this also. Most tools on the social platforms are free of charge, and the ones that aren’t, tend to have a low-cost fee for the additional tools. Platforms such as Facebook are successful because most people use it! Whether they are old or young, it covers a broad range of people!

Platforms such as LinkedIn for example, are much more specific! This is targeted to help people gain professional connections, mainly within the business sector! You can show your skills and achievements in a different, more specific way than you can with traditional social platforms, again, widening your reach as you are then targeting a different set of people depending on your available position.

Employer brand is a huge part of any business, whether it be recruitment or not! Now, whether this comes hand in hand with recruitment is potential candidates can have clear insight into your company values, the way in which you work and your business in general. Potential employees need to know that your work style is going to be a good fit for them and their needs.

Showing off your brand voice and your business personality is so easily done through social media! You can reach more candidates and you have multiple ways in showing this off, whether it be through images, videos, blog posts, branding etc. According to recent studies, more than half of your candidates will use a social media platform to research the business they are replying to, rather than their websites. This gives them a greater insight as it can be from the perspective of previous employers, customers as well as the business themselves. There are often more ways to show your personality and company culture through social media than there is on a professional website. This helps know whether you are the company for them!

Something you may not have considered is the ability to screen candidate before the interview process. Of course, there are restrictions to viewing someone’s social media profiles, but as they say – be careful what you make public! If there are things you wouldn’t want your potential employer to know about, maybe don’t put them on your social media – once something is online, it’s there forever! Candidates in recent years have also been a lot more likely to include their social media handles and links in their CV’s so recruiters have the option of viewing their platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.