What questions should you be asking your recruiter?

Our team have been doing this a long time, between us, we have a wealth of knowledge about the recruitment industry and climbing the career ladder. We are the ones who will be conducting the interviews for the jobs you have applied for (Well, the first round at least!) The first interview you have will often be the first opportunity you get to really get to know the company and find out the information that isn’t necessarily public for various reasons!

This is the best time to start asking questions! That way you will have the best opportunity of finding out if this job is for you! Take a look at some of the questions that may be helpful for you to ask:


Where do I stand between the agency and the company I will be working for?

(For reference, our agency, take care of the recruitment. This can be an expensive and lengthy process for a busy company who is already dealing with all the other stresses! When you start the position as a temp, before you complete your probation and become a permanent member of staff, we will be your first point of contact, your sick line, holiday line, payroll queries, the lot! Until you go permanent, we are your employers!)


How long have you been working in partnership with this company?


Can I get more information on the company?


I see that the hourly rate is set at _____ is this likely to change after a probationary period?


How would your current employees there describe the company culture?


Who do I notify if I can’t make it to work?


How many candidates have you placed there that have successfully gone permanent?


Can you describe what a typical workday looks like within this company?


What are some of the tasks that I will be working on when I start the position?


If I am successful within the company, I want to make sure that I am aiming for the things that are most important to the company. Is there anything you think that I should be prepared for if I am successful?


Please bear in mind, when asking questions, ensure you have done your own research first. It doesn’t reflect well if you’re not acknowledging the information, we have already given you, so be sure you are reading the information you are given so you aren’t asking repeated questions!

Do remember that these aren’t set in stone, you don’t have to ask these, you may even have questions of your own, which is great! But from experience, we realise these are some of the things we have been asked a lot in the past.