Lets talk about racial diversity in the workplace…

Now, as expected, more and more companies are embracing the importance of a racially diverse workplace and although there is an overwhelming number of advantages to a diverse workforce, there is still a large majority of companies who struggle!

What is a diverse workplace?

It is inclusion and acceptance of employees from all different racial identities and groups. This means to provide equal opportunities and rights for all workers regardless of whether they are from minority or unrepresented groups.

Each company that we deal with personally, has a proven record of a positively diverse workforce! We have people from all over the world working for us from English, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, India, the list could go on! Each and every one of our employees is valued exactly the same for their hard work and we thrive in an industry that enables us to give opportunities to everyone, regardless of their background!

So how do you best recruit a more diverse workforce?

Discrimination free job ads!

Sometimes, without knowing, unconscious bias can easily creep in to the recruitment process without you knowing – this is something we are very conscious of when searching for candidates! You need to actively refrain from using derogatory words and phrases that are associated with race and ethnicity. For example, you would never catch us using phrases such as ‘Native English speaker’. Instead, we would specify that our candidates need to be fluent in English… The reason for this is almost always for safety! If we have a company or client that has a small staffing team that are English speakers, our new candidates must be able to use basic English to be able to understand the basic safety commands!


Send blind CV information to clients

When sending a CV, for data protection reasons more than anything, we can take all personal information away so that the company are receiving only relevant employment and qualification information only. We personally have never had an issue with discrimination in any of our clients, but for other recruitment companies, this may not always be the case!


Have a diverse recruitment team

One of the most useful tools that we have at PRS is a multilanguage team! From English, Welsh, Polish and Bulgarian! We also have a member of the team who speaks 4 languages, so it’s safe to say we have a lot of bases covered! This, to us, is so valuable to be able to accommodate as many people as possible!


Bottom line, we don’t discriminate! One of the things we are most proud of here at Permanent Recruitment Solutions is that we really do have a truly diverse workforce! Both in the office and our external employees also! We have helped hundreds of people from all over the place find permanent work that suits their lifestyles! As we say, local jobs for local people! If you want to work, we can help you!