Questions you should be asking…

So, you’ve finished your interview, what now?

Nine times out of ten, you will be asked by the interviewer if you have any questions; our advice here is to always come prepared! Never say no to this question unless you really have zero interest in being hired for this position! Ensuring that you answer these questions is crucial, not only that, but the type of questions you are choosing to ask will tell the employers all about you!

See some of the questions below that we think you may benefit from asking.


“What are the biggest challenges that you think your employers were faced with in the past 6 months?”

This question tells us that are already interested in challenges in which you can face within your potential position. This is also key for us to see that you are interested in the challenges that you would be facing and how you can become a part of creating the solutions. Everything you learn here will help you within the next stage of the process.


“If I was to be hired, that is expected of me within the first 30 – 60 days?”

This question shows us that you understand that your productivity does have to count towards the teamwork within a certain time frame and that you know that you want to meet their expectations as you should be.


“Are there currently any measures in place from the company, such as, continuous training to improve productivity and growth?”

This questions tells us that you care about your personal growth and your professional growth within the company. It also highlights that you care about the growth of the company and how you are going to contribute towards that! And for you benefit, this will give you an insight to the company and what you are getting involved in. Pay attention to this as it will help you understand whether this company will be a good fit for you!


“If I was to be hired today, what is one crucial piece of advice that you would give me, that would help me succeed within the company?”

Again, you are putting the interviewer in a position to start giving you guidance within the position. This will help to set you up for success, and at the very least, it could assist you in getting to the next steps.


“What does success look like when you are working as an employee here?”

This question will hear more than what is needed for you to stand out if you were to be hired! Also, if they were to move on to another stage, the answer you are given might be a good hint as to what you need to do to position yourself better within the company.


“What does your life outside of work look like?”

Interviews generally like this question because it feeds into their ego! Let’s face it, people like to talk about themselves! This gives them the opportunity toto talk about themselves and brag about other things that they do outside of work. Hint: Whatever they tell you, show some enthusiasm!