Temporary vs Permanent positions – Which is better?

I think everyone will have an opinion on which is best. Some individuals think of temporary as a bad option while others may think of it as the most ideal and an alternative to being unemployed! Permanent positions alternatively can provide long term security and maybe too much comfort.

The best way to understand the benefits and drawbacks of both is to outline both.

Temporary Work

Temporary positions refer to a limited period of employment which is normally based in the needs of the employer.


  • Sometimes the working hours can be more flexible, which could benefit candidates with children or other commitments.
  • The flexibility to move around from one position to another and experience different company cultures and meet new professional’s.
  • It can help fill gaps in-between long-term positions or until you find a job you desire.
  • Temporary positions can often likely lead to permanent employment.
  • It’s a good way to try out something different before applying for a permanent role with that employer.


  • The majority of temporary contracts are usually designed to assist businesses with immediate, short-term needs, this may mean that you will be asked to finish after your contract agreed time period.
  • Higher pressure/ responsibility as you only have a specific amount of time to deliver a service.
  • Having multiple temporary positions on your cv can not look appealing to potential new employers.
  • The opportunities to learn on the job can be less this is because you are only there on a short-term basis, filling a gap for that company.

Permanent work

Permanent work refers to a no end date to an employee’s contract.


  • Permanent work can offer more financial security and peace of mind.
  • Permanent work can often come with various company benefits, such as company car, pension or health insurance.
  • Permanent work can establish a foundation for a successful career and progression up the corporate ladder.
  • In a permanent role you want be continuous chasing your p45 every time you change employer.
  • Training and development opportunities


  • Long term permanent employee’s for the same company may become to comfortable and possibly never take the next step in their career or professional development
  • Permanent work can become monotonous and may make you feel trapped in a routine, especially if you perform the same tasks daily.
  • Working days and hours tend to be more fixed with less flexibility

Overall when it comes to temporary or permanent they both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. This all depends on you and your lifestyle to decide which one is most ideal for you!