What do employers look for in a candidate?

Being viewed as approachable, confident and a well-presented person can make you desirable to potential employees but what else? Below are a few examples of good work qualities to highlight on your cv or to discuss during interview.


It is important to show your ability in this area verbally, physically and through written communication. Employers actively look for this skill in potential employees and the ability to be a good listener.


Although teamwork isn’t always a requirement in every job, the ability to work effectively in a group environment is a strength employers want employees to have. Teamwork questions are commonly asked during the interview process, so go prepared, highlight your ability to compromise and collaborate.


Having ambition is a key trait to have and it can help you stay motivated and focused on what you want to achieve.


A dependable employee will meet deadlines, have a good work ethic and will be punctual.

Eagerness to learn

Being willing to learn can help you expand your skill set, improve yourself and adapt to situations. Employers value employees that actively seek to better themselves, so it’s important to communicate that you enjoy learning.

Work Ethic

Normally employees that work hard are always on time and target. Having a good working ethic will increase your employability and increase better job opportunities. People will notice when you take pride in your work.


Employers like employees to have the ability to adapt depending on the needs of the company which can be anything from switching to a work -from- home position, adjusting work hours or staying late to help a co-worker.


Having positive employees creates a healthy working environment, a positive mindset at work will encourage team members to likely follow your, being encouraging and empathetic of others will help maintain that positive attitude.

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