Tell me the benefits of being an agency worker…

Tell me the benefits of being an agency worker

We know, we’ve said it a hundred times before, agency work gets a bag wrap… but why? We genuinely see so many benefits of temporary to permanent positions! We wouldn’t bang on about it so much if we didn’t! there is a much greater demand for staff in all industries now, and the job market is pressed!

We have so many opportunities for people who are looking for work and we have both Temp – Perm and Permanent positions, but why would you want to work for an agency?

We’ve thought up some reasons below!

  • You need additional income to fit around an existing position
  • You’re looking for a new position
  • You want a more consistent, weekly pay to help manage your finances better
  • You want more stability if you find yourself out of work
  • You want to streamline your job search and take the pressure off
  • You’re looking at trying out a new industry
  • You want a full-time position, but for a temporary time frame
  • You’re looking for more flexibility in your work/life balance
  • You want fast employment
  • You want a reliable employer away from the scam posts!
  • You want a large variety of industry options
  • You’re looking for Ad-hoc work as and when needed

Throughout the years we have been able to offer a whole host of opportunities and positions! From long-term, full-time positions, to fixed term contracts – These have been in a huge variety of industries that you may not have even realised you wanted!

We pride ourselves on being able to specialise in temporary to permanent positions, meaning we strive to only take on clients who are willing to offer full time positions in the long term, and not just in the moment!

Now, just because you start as an ‘agency worker’ this does not limit you in any way, shape or form! You can progress into higher roles just as easily! This gives you a foot in the door to try other areas of work and get your foot in the door with some great companies!

There really are so many benefits to working with an agency, so give us a go! Take a look at our vacancies page and see what we’ve got on offer, we may surprise you!